Lost Ark Emotes


Emote Artwork

Emotes are a very special communication method that expresses emotions through character's body movements.

You can check emotes through the [Community > Emote] menu located in the quick menu at the bottom right or the shortcut [Y] .

Emotes can be obtained in various ways, including quests, content rewards, and barter.

You can use the emote by left-clicking on the UI, entering a shortcut in the chat window, or registering it in the quick slot.

List of Emotes

# Icon Name Type Description
1 Advance Advance Adventurer's Tome Arthetine 40%
2 Argue Argue Quest The Three Leaders – World Quest in Stern
3 Beg Beg Quest Sweet Kalima – Starts Kalima on Village of Fugitives
4 Bored Bored Adventurer's Tome Rethramis 40%
5 Cheers Cheers Quest Master’s Drinking Table – World Quest in Melody Forest
6 Cute Cute Exchange Merchant Uria – Cruise Ship Paradise Peyto for 5,000 silver
7 Despair Despair Quest The Birth of Neuroli – Starts at Elder Toto on Toto Silver Island
8 Fear Fear Quest Chance for healing – Starts at Schweizer on Metus Island
9 Happy Happy Affinity Mokamoka reward (Trust)
10 Kiss Kiss Quest Lei-bark-star – Starts at Karhu in Nia Village
11 Laugh Laugh Exchange Naphta – Flowering Orchard (left corner)
12 Lay Lay Lay Lay Quest Dance lessons – World Quest in Nia Village
13 Levitation Levitation Quest Inquiring mind – Starts at Teacher Uday on any Peach Island
14 Love Love Quest Ugly Our Figlet – Starts at Piguret on Totopia
15 Meditation Meditation Quest The fruits of enlightenment – Starts at Teacher Uday on any Peach Island
16 Mistake Mistake Quest Secret Archives – Starts at Minerva on Wisdom Isle
17 Pain Pain Quest The art of meditation – Starts at Teacher uday on any Peach Island
18 Polite Polite Epona Remnants of the Plague – Rethramis Border (Una’s Tasks – Daily)
19 Pray Pray Quest Morai Ruins – Story Quest in Saland Hill
20 Proud Proud Collection 4 Masterpieces
21 Respect Respect Quest Ealyn’s Gift – World Quest in Vern Castle
22 Roar Roar Exchange Captain Blacktooth – Island of Freedom for 3360 Gienah’s Coins
23 Shy Shy Quest What a woman wants – Starts at Henry on Liebeheim
24 Stretch Stretch Adventurer's Tome West Luterra 70%
25 Surrender Surrender Quest Rebuilding Luterra – Starts at Ranche in Luterra Castle
26 Sway Sway Quest Star Fever – Starts at Bangtan on Cruise Ship Paradise Peyto
27 Taunt Taunt Exchange Captain Blacktooth – Island of Freedom for 3360 Gienah’s Coins
28 Threaten Threaten Collection 10 Island Hearts
29 Umarka Umarka Quest Wonderful visitor – Starts at Madame Deirdre in Isendelf (Yorn)
30 Wave Dance Wave Dance Collection 35 Island Hearts
31 Whistle Whistle Epona Root Eaters – Blue Wind Island (Una’s Tasks – Daily)