Lost Ark Masterpieces


Masterpiece Artwork

It is an ancient work of art stolen from the prestigious Vedice of Fleche, and its value is said to be too high to be converted into money. If you find a great piece of art and deliver it to the Vedice, you will be rewarded for it. Great works of art can be obtained through various in-game content rewards.

You can exchange points for great artworks through Alphonse Vedice, who resides on the Isle of Sunflowers.

Sunflower Island

Sunflower Island

Item Level: 


Heart Acquisition:



2 Masterpiece 4 Masterpiece 6 Masterpiece 8 Masterpiece 10 Masterpiece
Starflower Card
30x Starflower
Emote: Boast
Emote: Boast
Uncommon Card Pack
3x Uncommon Card Pack
Vitality Potion
Vitality Potion
Island Heart of Sunflower Island
Heart of Sunflower Island
12 Masterpiece 14 Masterpiece 16 Masterpiece 18 Masterpiece 20 Masterpiece
Adrophine Bottle card
20x Adrophine Bottle
Stats Growth Potion
Growth Potion (Stats)
Rare Card Pack
3x Rare Card Pack
Green Hills Painting
Green Hills Painting
Philanthropist’s Casket
Philanthropist’s Casket
22 Masterpiece 24 Masterpiece 26 Masterpiece 28 Masterpiece 30 Masterpiece
Card: Debris of Time
Debris of Time
Rune: Condemnation
Rune: Condemnation
Heroic Card Pack
Heroic Card Pack
Anshui Evening Painting
Anshui Evening Painting
Philanthropist’s Casket
Philanthropist’s Casket
32 Masterpiece 34 Masterpiece 36 Masterpiece 38 Masterpiece 40 Masterpiece
Card: Rune Liar Tome
10x Rune Liar Tome
Philanthropist’s Casket
Philanthropist’s Casket
Card: Way
Philanthropist’s Casket
Philanthropist’s Casket
Title: Esthete
Title: Esthete
42 Masterpiece 44 Masterpiece 46 Masterpiece 48 Masterpiece 50 Masterpiece
Goddess’ Protection
Goddess’ Protection
Rune: Val'Mort
Rune: Val'Mort
Card: Guardian Lou
Guardian Lou
A Great Life Masterpiece
A Great Life Masterpiece
Legendary Card Pack
Legendary Card Pack


# Type Description
1 Quest “Shackled in one secret” from Alfons Vedice on Sunflower Island.
2 Exchange 4275 Hunter Orders at Elaine on personal island.
3 Collection 30 Island Hearts.
4 Adventure Book East Lutheran 50%.
5 Adventure Book Tortoyk 50%
6 Adventure Book Anihc 50%
7 Adventure Book North Vern 50%
8 Exchange Shushire 40%
9 Epona Complete Ozhorn Hills (Eudia) Epona daily 11 times.
10 Epona Complete Mane Wave Harbor (East Lutheran) Epona daily 11 times.
11 Collection 24 World Tree Leaves.
12 Exchange 3,600 Givena Coins at Rose on Blacktooth’s Garrison island.
13 Quest “Heart Wounds” from Henry on Liebeheim.
14 RNG Cube T1 Normal (Golden Chest).
15 RNG Trial Paths T1 Normal (Stage 12+).
16 - Hidden Dungeon
17 Tower Tier 1 - Floor 25
18 Epona Complete Kalthertz Epona daily 25 times.
19 Epona Complete Island of Freedom Epona daily 10 times.
20 Exchange 3,300 Givena Coins at Frank on island Starlight Lighthouse Island.
21 Collection 9 Giant Hearts.
22 Collection 55 Island Hearts.
23 Collection 30 Voyage Adventures.
24 RNG Cube T2 Epic (Golden Chest).
25 RNG Trial Paths T1 Epic (Stage 11+).
26 - Hidden Dungeon
27 Exchange 10,000 Pirate Coins at Vern’s new probe on Traveling Merchant Ship.
28 Epona Complete Cradle of the Sea Permata Epona daily 25 times.
29 Affinity Captain Cavery (Trust) on island Eye of Hypnos.
30 Adventure Book Rohendel 40%
31 Adventure Book Yorn 40%
32 Collection 950 Mokoko Seeds.
33 Collection 11 Giant Hearts.
34 Exchange 30,000 Pirate Coins at Borjas on Atropos (Hidden Area).
35 RNG Trial Paths T2 Normal (Stage 11+).
36 RNG Cube T2 Normal (Golden Chest).
37 Adventure Book Payton 40%
38 Collection 75 Island Hearts.
39 Collection 38 Voyage Adventures.
40 RNG Cube T2 Epic (Golden Chest).
41 RNG Trial Paths T2 Epic (Stage 11 and above).
42 - Hidden Dungeon
43 Adventure Book Papunika 40%
44 Collection 1150 Mokoko seeds.
45 RNG Cube T3 Normal (Golden Chest).
46 RNG Trial Paths T3 Normal (Stage 11+).
47 - Hidden Dungeon
48 Epona Complete Star Sand Beach (Papunika) Epona daily 43 times.
49 Adventure Book South Vern 60%
50 Epona Complete Candaria Territory (South Vern) Epona daily 53 times.
51 - Hidden Dungeon