Lost Ark Star of Orpheus

Stars of Orpheus

Stars of Oprheus Artwork

The light of Evergrace, who created the Guardian, permeates the traces left by the Guardian who disappeared during the Chain War. It is also called the blessing of the gods in Arkesia, and it is said that it is traded frequently among people who know its value.

The divine beast Albion hopes to engrave their traces on the stars in the sky and return them to the original light.

After completing the story of the continent of Papunika, you can collect the Orpheus Star after completing the guide quest: [Guide] Light left as a trace.

Orpheus' Stars can be exchanged through Albion, the Divine Beast at the capital city of Papunika.


1 Star of Orpheus 2 Star of Orpheus 3 Star of Orpheus 4 Star of Orpheus 5 Star of Orpheus
Growth Potion (Stats)
Growth Potion (Stats)
Powerful Skill Potion
Powerful Skill Potion
Overwhelm Rune
Rune: Overwhelm
Powerful Growth Potion
Powerful Growth Potion
Richness Rune
Rune: Richness
6 Star of Orpheus 7 Star of Orpheus
Powerful Skill Potion
Powerful Skill Potion
Guardian Rune
Rune: Guardian


# Type Description
1 Quest “Whispering Star” from Yun in Nia Village (Papunika) after finishing the world quest.
2 Epona Complete Tikku Gardens (Papunika) Epona daily 21 times.
3 Affinity Nia (Trust) in Nia Village (Papunika).
4 Exchange 8,000 Solar Coins at wandering merchant ship at Papunika harbor.
5 Monster RNG Field Boss Maoke in Tikku Gardens (Papunika).
6 Monster RNG Final boss at Island of Grief Dungeon.
7 Monster RNG Boss in Bellion Ruins Dungeon (South Vern).