Lost Ark Songs


# Icon Name Type Description
1 Song of Escape Song of Escape Story Quest Obtained during Story Quest
2 Song of Trixion Song of Trixion Story Quest Obtained during Story Quest
3 Song of Return Song of Return Story Quest Obtained during Story Quest
4 Song of Hearth and Home Song of Hearth and Home Stronghold Stronghold Ceremony in Luterra Castle
5 Song of Valor Song of Valor Story Quest Obtained during Story Quest
6 Heart's Melody Heart's Melody Story Quest Obtained during Story Quest
7 Serenade of Love Serenade of Love Quest Legendary barley – Starts at Pretty Mark in Frozen Sea
8 Song of Reminiscence Song of Reminiscence Awakening Obtained during 2nd Awakening Quest in Rohendel
9 Song of Temptation Song of Temptation Adventurer's Tome Yudia 50%
10 Twilight Requiem Twilight Requiem Quest She only dreams of peace – Starts at Derisa on Island of Serene Sabbath
11 Music of Starlight Music of Starlight Exchange Frank – Starlight Lighthouse Island for 3300 Gienah’s Coins
12 Harmony of Heavens Harmony of Heavens RNG Drop from reward box on Harmony Island
13 Elegy of Tranquility Elegy of Tranquility Quest Obtained with Island Heart quest from Broken Glaciers
14 Music of Resonance Music of Resonance Exchange Aigor – Cruise Ship Paradise Peyto for 16.500 Pirate Coins
15 Forest Minuet Forest Minuet Quest Gratuitous Help – Starts at Lurking pixie on Sleeping Song Island.

Requires Music of Resonance
16 Music of Eternity Music of Eternity Adventurer's Tome Rohendel 60%
17 Music of Spring Music of Spring Quest The art of meditation – Starts at Teacher uday on any Peach Island
18 Romantic Weapon Romantic Weapon Adventurer's Tome Yorn 50%
19 Song of Harmony Song of Harmony Adventurer's Tome Payton 60%
20 Song of Peace Song of Peace Adventurer's Tome Papunika 50%